Smart Glass


Smart Glass is an intelligent, connected sensor for automatic control of liquid transfers.

The Smart Glass solution consists of two interacting elements:

  • Smart Glass, the intelligent, connected sensor
  • A pump pilot module for controlling the pump. The pump pilot receives data from the remote control or from Smart Glass.

Smart Glass will detect a change in the liquid and notify the operator. If Smart Glass is paired with a pump pilot, it will send an order to stop the pump if it detects any change in the liquid.

Possible applications:

  • Separation: Racking – Pushing the wine with water – Air detection – Flotations – Coal-only flotation – Settling.
  • Homogenization: assembly
  • Safe transfers: detecting gases (air or others)

Easy to Control

Fast Pairing to Remote

Smart Glass, pump pilot and remote control

Operating diagram

Smart Glass in water-drive mode


  • Preservation of the organoleptic quality of the wines: detecting air intake, phase change during racking, settling or water-drive
  • Homogeneity of an assembly
  • Secure transfers


  • Optimized work in the winery: no need to stay by the tank during a transfer.
  • Optimization of the winery resources.
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Usable all year round for all transfers
  • Automated transfers
  • Reduced wine losses.


  • Easy to use
  • Parameters set as required
  • Operator safety
  • Real-time notification
  • Automatic pump control (if paired with pump pilot)


  • Precision
  • Safe transfer operations
  • Simple technology for use with many applications
  • Real-time information
Technical Information
Smart GlassTemperature sensor
Electrical impedance spectrometry sensor
Cable charging: Battery life, around 10 hrs
Weight: 3.7kg (8.2 lbs)
Pump PilotConnectors for controlling pump
Cable charging: Battery life around 10 hrs
Remote control induction charging
NFC tag for pairing
Remote ControlPump control via pump module
Smart Glass settings: choice of operation, ON/OFF
NFC tag for pairing
Induction charging: Battery life around 30 hrs