How to choose your cutting system on Panorama and Multiviti

Reciprocating cutting bar solution

The PELLENC trimmer with reciprocating cutting bars make clean cuts just like shears. The reciprocating blade movement causes no projections, making it possible to work safely without risk, or jamming of the tractor radiator.

Blade solution

The PELLENC blade trimmer offers performance with reduced maintenance: cut up to 6.2 mph with no fouling! The modularity of the cutting unit is adapted to different plant configurations in record time.


  • Clean cutting just like pruning shears.
  • Reciprocating movement of the self-cleaning blades.
  • Cut any diameter shoot.
  • Optional vegetation lifter: work all the way to the ground.


  • Retractable elements: safety swing-back mechanism, automatic resetting of working position.
  • No risk of injury due to the absence of projections.


  • Silent
  • Easy to use
  • No daily maintenance


  • High blade rotation speed: clean cuts at all plant growth stages.
  • Works without jamming.
  • Adjustable pivot lower cutting module (optional).

Cost effective

  • High working speed: up to 6.2 mph.


  • Silent & Easy to use.
  • No daily maintenance.
  • Horizontal folding of modules without tools for road transport (Panorama).


  • Safety mechanism in case of shock, automatic re-setting

Manufacturing quality

PELLENC reciprocating cutter bars are reliable and require no daily maintenance:

  • 1 – Lubrication channel
  • 2 – Cutting blades with nib for holding vegetation
  • 3 – Blade attachment rivet in steel
  • 4 – Blade holder

Impact-proof design

In case of shock, the tool safety is ensured by a system of retractable parts with automatic resetting.

Safe and rapid transport

Horizontal cutter bars require no tools for folding, compact on roads and paths. Works efficiently on slopes.

PELLENC blades

Change of blades in 1 minute.
Low jamming.
High rotational speed for a clean cut.

Impact-proof design

Tension spring safety devices ensure retraction of the cutting elements.
The work position is automatically reset once the obstacle has passed.

Pivoting lower cutting module (optional)

Trim close to the ground.

Selection guide

(narrow with reciprocating cutter bars)
(wide with reciprocating cutter bars)
(with reciprocating cutter bars)
Type of chassisPanoramaPanoramaMULTIVITI
Tractor typeIn row tractorIn row tractorIn row tractor
Hydraulically-powered cutting modules
Required hydraulic output – gal/min.
Number of rows2 x 1/2 rows2 x 1/2 rows1 row
Cutting width – ft2.9 to 6.63.6 to 8.91.0 to 3.9
(narrow with blades)
(wide blades)
1 row trimmer on straddle tractor2 row trimmer on straddle tractor
Type of chassisPanoramaPanoramaMULTIVITIMULTIVITI over-row toolMULTIVITI over-row tool
Type of tractorIn row tractorIn row tractorIn row tractorStraddling tractorStraddling tractor
Hydraulically-powered cutting modulesStandard or optional
Required hydraulic output (g/min.) (standard)
10.6 (derivation or on 2 pumps)
Number of rows2 x 1/2 rows2 x 1/2 rows1 row12
Cutting width (in ft)3.2 to 7.04.0 to 9.31.0 to 3.30.8 to 1.80.8 to 1.8