GRAPES’LINE tow behind harvester

The Grapes’Line tow behind harvester includes all the latest PELLENC innovations. It has a harvesting capacity of 3,600 litres (950gal) – the same as that of a self-propelled harvester  – while remaining less costly. Highly efficient, it also provides wine-growing professionals with an unrivalled work quality thanks to its easy handling and user-friendly nature.


  • Harvesting capacity identical to a self-propelled harvester
  • 50% cheaper than a self-propelled machine
  • ECO POWER fuel management: optimised power take-off according to the machine’s hydraulic requirements
  • Total collector-bin capacity of up to 3,600 litres (950gal)

Excellent work quality

  • Flexible Sorter Conveyor: up to 5% more harvest in your collector bins!
  • New tortoiseshell shape: optimal sealing
  • New generation harvesting arm
  • SELECTIV PROCESS: 99.82% clean harvest


  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • Safe washing platform
  • Remote washing commands
  • Centralized greasing

Easy to handle

  • Auto-guidance in the row
  • Semi-automatic tilt correction
  • Optimized turnaround in headlands with the wide-angle drawbar
  • AUTO TORQUE drive: machine-independent on slopes and in headlands
  • Harvest parameters managed from the cab with the EASY TOUCH screen

  • Harvesting capacity identical to a self-propelled harvester

Control interface

‘EASY TOUCH’ interface: models 60 and 80

  • 7-inch touchscreen.
  • Working comfort.
  • Icons and intuitive menus.
  • Harvest parameters managed from the cab with the EASY TOUCH screen.

Driving assistance:

  • Automatic height stops at work and in headland turnarounds.
  • Ground detection with sensors.
  • Instant display of slope, gradient percentage, and machine height.
  • Bin-level indicator.
  • Acreage counter.

Interface with remote controls on machine

  • Simple control and use of harvesting parameters from the machine.

‘EASY DRIVE’ control: all models

  • All your GRAPES’LINE functions on the PELLENC joystick.

Easy to handle

In the row

  • With the ‘ACTIV’’ auto-guidance system, the harvesting head is automatically centred in the row. Joystick buttons always take priority. An alarm notifies the driver if there is a blockage from a foreign body; the vineyard is always protected.
  • Tilt correction up to 70 cm (27.5in) allows working on any ground surface.

In headlands

  • The articulated coupling helps attachment and improves safety.
  • The wide-angle drawbar helps maneuvering in the headland.
  • The ‘AUTO TORQUE’ drive controls the power to the wheels, even in headlands, without the need for the joystick.

On the road

  • The wide-angle drawbar keeps the harvesting head in line with the tractor on the road.
  • The bins are only 2.50 metres wide(8.2ft), which makes manoeuvring and driving on the road easier.

Revolutionary harvesting system

Flexible Sorter Conveyor

  • The innovative design of the flexible sorter conveyor starts the grape sorting from the chute.
  • Only 30% of the harvest passes under the fans: up to 5% more harvest.
  • Semi-automatic conveyor tensioning makes maintenance easier and ensures the correct tension.
  • The system can be fully dismantled to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Quick cleaning.
  • No need to dismantle the conveyors at the end of the season.

L-shaped design of the conveyor

  • Conveyor open at the back to remove foreign material and avoid clogging.
  • Work at ground level with its protective steel housing.
  • The conveyor is made of stainless steel to make maintenance and washing easier.

Harvest quality

‘SELECTIV’PROCESS’: De-stemmer + Sorting Tables


  • Destem and sort your harvest in the field to go directly into the tank.
  • Tried and tested by over 2,000 users.

High-frequency linear destemmer

  • Destemming without loss, even for difficult grape varieties, while preserving the berries. The feed belt helps removes foreign bodies.

Variable sorting table and sorting roller

  • The solid notched roller feeders route leaf stems to the sorting rollers.
  • The sorting rollers allow the sorted berries to pass through and remove the leaf stems and other waste from the sorting table.
  • The variable screen sorting table adjusts quickly to all grape varieties and all working conditions.
  • 100% of leaves are removed as well as 95% of leaf stems.


  • Sorting system that separates the juice from the leaves.
  • The juices and destemmed berries pass through the slotted conveyor belt.
  • The suction fan removes only the plant debris remaining on the conveyor.
  • No loss of juice.

Bin capacity

  • Total capacity of up to 3,600 litres (950 gal).
  • Emptying height: 3 metres (9.8ft).
  • Both bins emptied at once.
  • Bin level displayed on the on ‘Easy Touch’ screen.

Smart hydraulic management

Hydraulic control unit

  • The machine’s hydraulic control unit is independent of tractor supply.
  • The control unit is coupled separately from the machine, which helps in both left and right headlands, without worrying about the height of the machine.
  • Quick-fit onto the tractor.

AUTO TORQUE drive system

  • The machine adjusts its speed automatically to that of the tractor, based on the traction force on the towing ring.
  • The machine is independent in all working situations: forward or reverse, as well as in headlands.
  • The driver can concentrate on driving.
  • The ‘AUTO TORQUE’ automatically supplies the power needed at the right time, without the driver having to do anything.
  • The ‘AUTO TORQUE’ drive can handle gradients of up to 30%.

‘ECO POWER’ control

  • Optimisation of power take-off according to the machine’s hydraulic requirements, in order to ensure the lowest possible engine speed and save on fuel.

Pellenc advantages

New generation of harvesting arms

  • Injected harvesting arms.
  • More wear resistance.
  • No deformation.
  • Quick-fit with integrated bushing.
  • More gentle on the vines.

New shape of catcher trays

  • The new material and profile improve sealing, transfer of berries to the conveyors, and resistance to wear.
  • The articulation is built into the tray to help fitting.
  • The seal length of 2.62 metres(8.6 ft) ensures optimal working speed.

Easy to maintain

  • Nine greasing points for daily greasing.
  • Cleaning takes 20-45 minutes, depending on the model, and is easy to do from a safe platform.
  • Water column to make washing easier.
  • A remote control opens the suction fans, sorting tables and the destemmers.


  • On models with EASY TOUCH, there is a color night-vision camera fitted at the rear. This activates automatically for reversing or bin emptying.
  • There is always an emergency stop button within reach: on the joystick, at the rear of the machine, and on the washing platform.
  • Various alarms are fitted as standard for complete safety.

Technical features

• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Minimum plantation width1.40 m (4.6ft)1.70 m (5.57ft)
Tractor power required70hp80hp
Overall height (m)3.38 m (11.1ft)3.42 m (11.2ft)
Bin width (m)2.50 m (8.2ft)2.50 m (8.2ft)
Maximum slope27%27%
Maximum gradient without sorting equipment30%
Maximum gradient with sorting equipment 25%
‘EASY DRIVE’ joystick
Easy Touch 7” screen
Remote controls
Wheel motor with hydraulic brake
Dual-line hydraulic braking
Hydraulic attitude correction
Slope display
% gradient display
Working-height display
Upper and lower stops
Ground detection
Acreage counter
Number of emergency-stop buttons44
Reversing alarm
Bin-lowering alarm
Rear camera visible on Easy Touch
Working lights
Tilt correction
Auto-guidance with blocking alarm
Post shock protector
Sealing length at ground level2.62 m (8.6ft)2.62 m (8.6ft)
Harvest transport by flexible sorter conveyor
Safety in the event of conveyor blockage
Semi-automatic tensioning of the flexible sorter conveyor
Two height-adjustable lower suction fanswithout toolswithout tools
Leaf sorter
Sorting device: Destemming + sorting tableSelectiv’Process
Bins2×1,800L (2x475gal)2×1,600L (2x422gal)
Optional bins2×1,250L (2x330gal)
Bin auger
Bin-level indicator
Bin-emptying axis height3 m (9.84ft)3 m (9.84ft)
Grouped greasing points
Remote washing control
Safe access platform