Selectiv’ Process 2 Harvesting Head


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The PELLENC Selectiv’ Process 2 Double-Dump picking head is designed for quality with it’s on-board destemming and mechanical sorting. Easily and quickly, connect the picking head to the Multifunction Optimum frame with a quick change mono-coupler, and electrical connection. Gently harvest in the vineyard and produce the quality results that wineries demand with the Selectiv’ Process 2 Double-Dump picking head.


  • 95 % of the leaf stems* (bigger than 35 mm) eliminated!
  • The stems are fully ejected with no fragmentation.
  • Near perfect harvest quality.

We’ve got a Pellenc 890, this is our third season running that harvester. We’ve been using machine harvesting and machine harvested fruit for probably 25-30 years now and when they came out with the onboard sorting system, the Selectiv’ Process…that’s what really pushed us towards Pellenc. The fruit that’s coming out of that machine is very very clean there’s hardly any leaves, very few stems, and it can go right in a tank without any further processing once it gets to the winery. For us at Silver Oak that’s really important. One of the factors that caused us to buy a machine to go to machine harvesting is the ability to be able to pick when we want to pick. For us, a day or two later than we want to really makes a huge difference in fruit quality. So being able to pick the amount we want, the time we want and keep on that schedule is really important. We’ve been very satisfied with the quality of the equipment. It’s in three seasons that we’ve been running it, we’ve had just a few minor issues that got straightened out quickly. Can’t say enough about the service department, they do a great job. They’re available 24/7 and we’ve used them a couple of times at all hours of the night. We chose this machine because we think it’s the best in the industry right now.


  • De-stemming and sorting is done directly in the vineyard.
  • Eliminates storage, transport, waste processing, and cleaning of equipment in the winery.


  • Capacity of bins completely preserved (sorting table is above the bins).
  • Working speed identical to a standard harvesting head (Pellenc or competitors).
  • Lightest on-board destemming and sorting system on the market.


Renowned for maintaining the quality of the destemmed fruit throughout the process, the Selectiv’ Process 2 Harvest head delivers the results wineries are demanding. The Selectiv’ Process 2 picking head is capable straight-to-tank quality; destemming and sorting is all done in the vineyard!

The frequency and release settings are adjustable with a single click from the EASY TOUCH console.

The linear destemmer has an anti-clogging sensor and five long fingers (new design) that reach speeds up to 50 tons per hectare at 4.5 km/h.


Gentle linear destemming fingers keep berries intact.

Dual Modules

Synchronous drive destemmers


The variable screen roller sorting table rapidly adapts to all grape varieties and all working conditions.

Unmatched sorting area: 2.50 m² (26.9 ft²).

Easy Access

The destemmers, upper suction fans, and sorting tables can be raised with a click of a button from the EASY TOUCH console.

Advanced Sorting Table

The screen rollers (1) allow the sorted berries to pass through and remove petioles and green waste. The solid notched roller feeders (2) separate small waste and route petioles to the screen rollers.

Fine Tuning Sorting

Adjust the spacing of the screen rollers with the slider.


Deflector (1) and conveyor belt of the vibrating destemmer and sorter (2).