Crusher – Extractiv’ 2

A new concept in crushing

The PELLENC Extractiv’ is a new crushing concept that allows optimum opening of the berries based on their maturity, resulting in better extraction of juices, polyphenols, and aromatic compounds. Flow rates of up to 25 tons/hour.

  • Extractiv’ on drawer chassis under Selectiv’ Process Winery


  • Crushing based on berry maturity.
  • Better extraction (juice, phenolic compounds, aroma precursors).
  • Stabilized color: tannins-anthocyanins combinations


  • Up to 25 t/h.
  • Open berries = increased surface contact between the juice and the skin.
  • Reduction in herbal taste and bitterness.
  • Pips and green berries not crushed.


  • Reduced maceration time.
  • Faster rotation of the vats.


  • Quick cleaning.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simple, instant adjustment.
  • Easy maintenance.

We tested the new Pellenc crusher on several varieties for our rosé, white, and red wines. Several points seduced us with this truly innovative unit: the settings are very easy to make, the system causes the berry to burst Bay in a way that is more favorable for skin maceration, the grapes are crushed in a very homogeneous manner. Cleaning is extremely easy—a simple jet of water is all that is needed!

Ease of use


Crushing based on berry maturity.
Opening of the berries: release of the juice and juice/skin contact surface is greater.
Improved extraction of compounds found in the skin (polyphenols, aromatic compounds, etc.).


Adjustments are simple and can be carried out in real time based on the desired crushing intensity.
Quick and easy cleaning.
Facilitated adaptation under Selectiv’ Process Winery and at the Selectiv ‘Process Vision outlet .


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Extractiv’ 2
Flow rateup to 25 T/h
Length (overall, in mm)960 (37.8in)
Width (overall, in mm)650 (25.6 in)
Height (overall, in mm)390 (15.35 in)
Crushed harvest outlet (mm)Ø 450 (17.716 in)
Weight of machine (exclusive of options) in kg66 (145.5 lbs)
Electrical power supply3P+T to 3-phase 400-480 V
Rated power (in kW)1.5
Wheel-mounted frame
Drawer frame under SP Winery M & L
Frame under SP Winery S
Selectiv ‘Process Vision adaptable hopper outlet