Flash Detente – Mobile – Oenosm’art

Get the best out of your fruit!

This innovative thermovinification process significantly improves the quality of the wines and adapts the type of wine to consumer demand. OEnoSm’art has been developed to meet the needs of users with its versatility.


  • Rounder, fuller, fruitier wines.
  • Stable color and aromas.
  • Denatures harmful enzymes (laccase, polyphenol and oxidase).
  • The full potential of the grapes is revealed.
  • Better incorporated yeasts: optimized fermentation kinetics


  • Non-stop operation possible.
  • Continuous process up to alcoholic fermentation.
  • Improved cellar capacities to produce new styles of wine or juice.
  • Optimized cellar with more opportunities for the vinification team.
  • Fermentation capacity increased by 25% for the same energy input.
  • In-line enzyme injection at outlet from vacuum chamber, for increased efficiency.


  • Fewer refits, labor saving.
  • The entire volume of the tank is used.
  • Better temperature control during fermentation.
  • Fermentation volumes up 25% with the same amount of energy.
  • Easier to empty the tank (if vinification in liquid phase).
  • Multifunction: either traditional thermovinification or Flash Detente
  • Recover value from spoiled or under-ripe grapes
  • Wine profiles adapted to market demand

Ease of Use

  • Programmable logic controller.
  • Simple and intuitive touchscreen interface.

This is a great step forward for winemakers. Flash Detente technology is now available to cellars with small harvest volumes to process. For many years now, Flash Detente technology has demonstrated its usefulness in producing quality wines adapted to the demands of consumers around the world. With all the
elements combined onto mobile skids, they are easy to install in small producers’ facilities and can thus help deliver a good service. So OEnoSm’Art is a new winemaking tool which makes Flash Detente technology available to everyone.


The “Flash Detente” thermovinification process works by quickly heat-treating the grapes at a high temperature, then immediately cooling them by pressure reduction.

Step 1: Receive Harvest

The harvest pump with a drainage hopper allows the fresh harvest to be fed into the heating system.

Step 2: Heat Transfer

The harvest is fed into the exchanger to be heated to 149°F for thermovinification, or to 185°F for Flash Detente

Step 3: Detente

The heat-treated harvest is continuously fed into the vacuum chamber. This chamber is subjected to a high vacuum, which almost instantly cools the harvest. The steam this generates is condensed. Condensates and drained juices are reintroduced into the pump.


OEnoSm’Art is controlled via an intuitive touchscreen interface which sets all the pump-operation parameters and temperatures.


OEnoSm’Art improves extraction of the grape compounds, anthocyanins, tannins, polysaccharides, and removes plant compounds.

* flow rate depends on the temperature of the harvest in the feed, the condition of the harvest, and the solid-to-liquid ratio of the harvest.
Flow rate*(t/hr) Length (in) Width (in) Height (in)
Skid SupplyUp to 10 t/h98.435.461.0
Flash Detente Skid3 t/hr in flash (heating to 185°F)
5 t/hr in thermo (heating to 149°F)
Utilities Skid153.682.788.6