Leaf remover – Full/Half Row

Quality of manual work, simple and fast.

The new leaf remover suits most vineyards and the leaf removal is uniform as if performed by hand. The simple design ensures quick and easy control. The canopy is tracked by a sensor, which automatically manages the tool pressure on the trellising in real time—with no damage to the berries! Adjustments to the amount of leaf being removed is simply adjusted by the turn of a knob inside the cab!

The Pellenc Soft-Touch Vineyard Leaf remover is used to effectively and gently pull leaves from the canopy by using the Soft-Touch sensor to automatically manage leaf removal intensity (adjusted with a single knob the cab). Vineyard leaf removal with the Soft-Touch leaf puller provides the same quality as leaf-removal by hand. Available in a half-row reversible model, or a full row model, the Pellenc Soft-touch leaf remover is an excellent tool to mechanize your vineyard management. Watch the video below to see the leaf remover in action and see the difference yourself!

  • Full row leaf remover on the Optimum carrier


  • High ground speed of up to 2.5 mph.
  • Available in a 1/2 row, 1 row, or 2×1/2 row version.
  • Suits all vineyards.
  • Reduced maintenance cost.
  • Low fuel consumption, with reduced power requirements.

The PELLENC leaf remover is very simple to set up and function, and it took no time to learn to use it. Automatic tracking of the plant canopy increases the quality of removing without risk of damage to the berries. The swivel head ensures rapid passage in the headlands and also allows me to adjust the working height to each of my vineyard block. The folding position for transport is truly intelligent, and the visibility and comfort are indisputable.  Even better, there is hardly any maintenance thanks to its simple design.


  • Row tracking makes it possible to work in all types of vineyards with the same leaf removal rate, without damaging the fruiting zone, regardless of the stage of vegetation.
  • Automatic safety swing-back mechanism in case of frontal impact.
  • Automatic tracking of the plant canopy.
  • The rollers catch the leaves without damaging the berries.
  • Easy and comfortable transportation


  • Intuitive controls.
  • Simple coupling, hydraulic and electrical connections at an accessible height.
  • Very good visibility of the row.
  • Quiet machine.
  • Compact, easy to handle at headlands.
  • Reduced overhang and weight.
  • Easy to use.


“Soft Touch” automatic row-tracking system

The suction module is automatically aligned to the plant canopy surface: it moves towards and away from the canopy according to the pressure applied to the sensor.

The Soft Touch system ensures:

  • A constant leaf-removal rate (an unbroken swath of leaves on the ground);
  • Full protection of the grapes thanks to the responsiveness of the system;
  • Unparalleled driving comfort, with jolting eliminated without affecting the leaf-removal rate;
  • Override on joystick so the operator can take over when there is no vegetation.


Leaf-removing quality as if done by hand

The row-tracking probe of the SOFT TOUCH leaf remover guarantees total protection of the grape with its wide surface area, and a constant leaf-removal rate with its high responsiveness.

The driver can just focus on driving, Soft Touch does the rest!


Easy cleaning

Washing the module is very easy, with the 2 opening flaps which give direct access to the fan (very little clogging because the leaves do not pass through it) or to the suction zone.

Automatic tracking of the plant canopy

The sensor coming into contact with the vegetation automatically controls the position of the removing head to perfectly follow the plant canopy. Independent tracking of the right/left modules of the 1 complete row leaf remover.


The ½ reversible row leaf remover can work to the left or right of the machine and allows quick rotation at the end of the row.

Adaptable on the Optimum carrier

The full row leaf remover can also be coupled with the OPTIMUM carrier.


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Reversible half row 1 row
Minimum row width – m1.5 (5ft)1.30 m on the multifunction carrier
(4ft 3in)
Number of rows1/21
Hydraulic output required – min.35 L
(9.25 gpm)
45 L
(12 gpm)
Coupling systemFront coupling head on tractorMultifunction carrier
Offset settings
Removing height – mm380 or 480380 or 480
Electric controls on all functions
Row tracking by sensor
Safety: Hydraulic cut-off
Delivered on a pallet stand