Olive Rake – Power 48

The fastest professional olives harvesting comb in its category

With POWER 48, PELLENC presents its new generation of olive harvesting shaker rakes.


  • The ultra powerful PELLENC electric motor (480 W) delivers very high efficiency (Brushless)
  • Up to 8 times faster than manual harvesting
  • Compatible with Pellenc Battery Packs (250 or greater) or a 12 V battery with up to 8 hours on the 750 Battery Pack


  • Ultra light rake (6.8 lbs)
  • Handle with a vibration absorbing mechanism (available as an option)
  • 3ft extension for harvesting up to 19ft from the ground (available as an option)


  • An affordable investment for small-scale operators thanks to the 12/44V converter connected to a classic 12V battery, without losing performance


  • 2 working speeds: reduced speed for olives that are easily shaken loose and table olives, maximum speed for olives that are hard to shake loose
  • Telescopic pole extends from 7.5ft to 10ft
  • 2 harvesting heads: OLIVION SOLO for maximum performance and OLIVION DUO for exceptional comfort thanks to a decrease in vibrations
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With POWER 48, PELLENC presents its new generation of olive harvesting shaker rakes. Now with 2 working speeds to adapt perfectly to the different olive varieties, it can harvest up to 8 times faster than manually. With remarkable efficiency, it preserves the tree, its fruits and branches in all circumstances. Maneuverable and light thanks to its ergonomic design, it is particularly easy and comfortable to use, throughout the working day.

The C35 pruner is great because it fits in the hand well, it is thin and powerful and very agile to move around when pruning.

Carbon Fiber tines

In order to efficiently harvest olives, even the most fragile, the POWER 48 rake has carbon fiber tines and silicone prong covers (available as an option). An exclusive and patented PELLENC innovation.

Harvesting Heads

Available in 2 versions, the SOLO head and the DUO head, changeable in less than 2 minutes.

Rapid Harvesting

2 working modes for greater comfort; 2 working speeds;
Effective on all types of olives.

Works with 12v Batteries

With the optional Pellenc 12v to 43v converter you can use any large 12v battery to run your Power 48 in the field


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Solo head
Duo head
Type of PoleTelescopicTelescopic
Length in ft. (without optional extras)7.5 to 10.27.7 to 10.3
Works with Pellenc 44V batteries
(purchased separately)
Conventional 12V Battery Power***YesYes
Max power (W)480480
Weight (lbs.)6.87.1
Sound pressure level (LPA)*-dB(A)Pole retracted: 74.5
Pole extended: 73.3
Pole retracted: 71.6
Pole extended: 69.5
Guaranteed sound level (Lwa)*dB(A)Pole retracted: 80.0
Pole extended: 80.2
Pole retracted: 80.5
Pole extended: 80.6
Vibration level** – m/s29.95.0
Slow modeYesYes
Double speedYesYes

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