Spreader – Twin Box

The Twin Box 2-row spreader is multifunctional and multi-purpose. With its large on-board capacity, you can change and adapt your type of application simply and quickly (soil, manure, fertilizer, powder, bark, additives, etc.).

Cost effective

  • 2 rows spread at the same time.
  • Carry up to 3.4 m3 (120ft3) of  product.
  • Working speed based on hectare ​​flow rate.
  • Multipurpose: manure, compost, fertilizer, earth and powders.


  • Precision spreading.
  • Spreading is done by chain and bar conveyor, or rubber conveyor or rotors.


  • Ergonomic steering on the PELLENC carrier.


  • Wheels centred in the row which limits pressure on the root system.
  • Spreading done at the base of the row

  • Excellent manoeuvrability in the vineyard

The work rate is perfect for me. I work at 8km/h covering 7 rows* with fertilizer or 2 rows with manure. This efficiency allows me to find extra time and do a few spreading jobs as a service. Mounting on the carrier allows increased loading capacity compared to towed models, so I spend less time on the road and more in the field.

Compost/manure spreader kit

Double streamlined rotor for spraying in the center of a row.

Rubber conveyor belt kit

The rubber belt is used to spread at a low rate.

Extra wide spreader kit

A single run covers more than two rows thanks to its spreading discs.


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
ChassisTwin feed boxes
Box volume – m32 x 1.7 (2 x 449 gal)
Number of rows workedTwo (or more with the extra wide spreading option)
Product transportationChain and bar conveyor
Acre rate controlConveyor speed variation controlled by hydraulic reducer
Rear cover openingHydraulics with mechanical memory
Conveyor speed controlLH/RH independent
Feed box loading protection
Optional compost/manure kit (horizontal rotors)
Rubber feed conveyor kit + reduction motor (low concentration per acre)
Extra wide spreader kit
Quick coupler kit