Multifunction: Multiviti frame

Use Pellenc vineyard tools with your in-row tractor!

With MULTIVITI, you can hitch all PELLENC vineyard tools onto the same chassis in just 3 minutes! The range includes three chassis: MULTIVITI 20 and 40 chassis on an in-row tractor, and a 1 or 2-row MULTIVITI straddle chassis on a straddle tractor.


  • Use PELLENC year-round mechanized vineyard tools with Multiviti Frame.
  • Works with other equipment.
  • Change tools in record time.


  • All the settings are within reach.
  • The ergonomic, backlit PELLENC MULTIVITI joystick and screen incorporate all the functions and self-diagnostics of each tool coupled.
  • A tool with exceptional work stability.


  • A single person can couple and uncouple tools.
  • Coupling plate with safety pin.
  • Simple and intuitive connection:
    > Three push-pull connectors
    > Two electrical sockets
  • MULTIVITI 20, 40, or 1- and 2-row straddle tractor:
    Four versions available for working comfortably and safely in all situations.

We use our MULTIVITI chassis with a VISIO HD pre-pruner (250 hectares/year) or a PELLENC wire lifter (50 hectares per year). We were interested in the quick change capability of the tool. We are really pleased with the ease and speed of change in actual use: only a mechanical key to open, two hydraulic push-pulls, and an electrical outlet to plug in! The compact chassis allows us to perform all kinds of work in the vineyard without removing the frame or snagging the foliage. The time saved is significant, especially during periods of high activity.


Pellenc Multiviti hydraulic unit

More power without changing the tractor:

  • 60 L capacity (16 gal)
  • Flow rate: 20 gal/min
  • Flow controller
  • Oil cooler
  • Optional central or lateral weight holder

Multiviti tool range

Disco pre-pruner

Simple and economical
> Working speed: up to 3 mph, even in dense vegetation
> The extremely resistant boron steel discs do not require sharpening.
> Clean cutting of vine shoots
> Automatic opening around posts thanks to an artificial visioning system (optional)

Visio Pre-pruner

Power and speed, both day and night
> Working speed: up to 5 mph
> Mulching discs eliminate wood removal.
> Pradines blades provide the same cutting quality as pruning shears.
> Automatic opening around posts thanks to an artificial visioning system (optional)

The Precision Pruner

Reduce costs and pruning time, without fatigue
> Working speed: up to 2 mph, day or night.
> Reduces pruning time by up to 90%
> Cordon tracking by vision system: quality, comfort, and fatigue-free.
> Intensive daily output.

Wire lifter

Lift, trim, and trellis wires in a single run
> Working speed: 2.5 to 3 mph
> An unbeatable tool for vines with dense vegetation.
> The canopy is uniform, wind-resistant and comparable with canopies that are created by manual work.
> Wide range of ties.

Trimmer with Cutter Bars

Safely carry out “Pruning shear” like cuts
> Working speed: up to 5 mph.
> Sturdy and quiet with no scattering of debris.
> Reciprocating self-cleaning blades.
> Cut branches of any diameter.
> Safety mechanism in case of shock.

Trimmer with Blades

Rotary cutting without clogging
> Working speed: up to 6 mph.
> Adjustable pivoting lower cutting module.
> Impact-proof design.
> Blades with low sap accumulation.