Trimmer – Panorama 2x 1/2 row

A vision of the future

The PANORAMA trimmer offers great visibility. It is strong and reliable, with two cutting systems: Panorama with reciprocating cutter bars and Panorama with blades. The PANORAMA trimmer gives exceptional visibility along the row.


  • Works without jamming.
  • Adjustable pivot lower cutting module (optional).


  • Unobstructed visibility of the rows.
  • Quiet.
  • Easy to use.
  • No daily maintenance.


  • Set the working width and height for precise work with a single click.


  • Safety mechanism in case of shock, automatic re-setting.
  • Simple construction, optimum visibility.

  • Reduced overhang, ideal during transport and in headlands.

In my opinion, the main strength of the PANORAMA trimmer is its simplicity, both technically and visually. No parts stick out of the chassis and casings and visibility of the cutting elements is excellent. I can work faster while limiting the risk of hanging on a stump. The hydraulic transmission is simple and especially reliable! The precision of steering in the row is very good, the reduced front overhang allows the machine to be positioned accurately relative to the row.

Large number of settings

Wide range of settings of the PANORAMA chassis for working effectively in all vineyard configurations.

Intuitive controls

Comes standard with a multifunction joystick.
1-click control of all functions of the trimmer.

Folds without tools

Folding of the horizontal cutting modules without tools for quick and safe road transport.

Panoramic view

Panoramic view of the rows and the trimmer at work.

Work efficiently on slopes.

Quick pivot vertical cutting bars work efficiently on slopes.


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
PANORAMA EC narrow with bladesPANORAMA LC wide bladesPANORAMA EB narrow with reciprocating cutter barsPANORAMA LB wide with reciprocating cutter bars
Cutting width (in m)0.98 to 2.15
(3.21 – 7.05ft)
1.21 to 2.86
(3.97 – 9.38ft)
0.89 to 2.03
(2.92 – 6.66ft)
1.09 to 2.74
(3.57 – 8.99ft)
Standard vertical cutter bars1.38 m (4.53 ft)
with 4 blades
1.38 m (4.53 ft)
with 4 blades
1.50 m (4.92 ft)
BALT 1500
1.80 m (5.9 ft)
BALT 1800
Option 1 vertical cutter bars1.72 m (5.64 ft)
with 5 blades
1.72 m (5.64 ft)
with 5 blades
1.80 m (5.9 ft)
BALT 1800
1.50 m (4.92 ft)
BALT 1500
Horizontal cutting bars0.73 m (2.4 ft)
with 2 blades
0.73 m (2.4 ft)
with 2 blades
0.90 m (2.95 ft)
BALT 900
0.90 m (2.95 ft)
BALT 900
Cut-off on impact ensures safety at all times
Control joystick
Height and hydraulic spacing adjustment
Manual height adjustment of horizontal bars
Hydraulic height adjustment of horizontal cutter bars
Mounting plate and stay-rod
Delivery on a pallet stand
Working close to the ground (optional)Fifth lower cutting module
(fixed or pivoting)
Fifth lower cutting module
(fixed or pivoting)
Vegetation lifterVegetation lifter