Wire Lifter

Lift, attach and trim all at once!

Perform three operations in one run, with a single tool — this is made possible by the PELLENC trellising machine! Your vines have a uniform canopy, so grape clusters are better exposed to spray treatments. Lifting the leaves improves photosynthesis, ensuring optimal maturity of the berries.

  • Wide range of clips available


  • Three operations at once: wire lifting, trimming, and trellising.


  • The operator controls the positioning of the clips.
  • Formation of a uniform, wind-resistant canopy.
  • Working speed: 2.5 to 3 mph, even in dense plant growth, i.e. 2.5 acres/hour (in 8.2 ft).


  • Very quiet tool.
  • Low hydraulic requirement: 6.6 gallons/min.
  • Excellent ease of handling—installed on the trellis with a single click (automatically picks up the pair of lifting wires at the beginning of the row).
  • Use at different stages of growth.
  • Several types of lifting wires can be used: steel and nylon.


  • PELLENC clips are made from photodegradable and food-grade material.
  • Carry out three operations all at once: limits CO2 emissions and preserves the root system.

We use our lifting machine on the 8490 carrier, which we also use for pre-pruning, ploughing and harvesting. This arrangement allows us to work faster and optimize the amortization of the lifter and the carrier. The rapid work rate allows us to carry out lifting on each plot at the perfect time and later than with manual lifting, this allows us to avoid one top trimming job each year.


  • Simplicity: it uses the pair of lifting wires permanently installed on the trellising from one end of the row to the other.
  • Cost saving: the system can be reused each year.
  • Safe: by lifting two wires, the trellising machine carries the vegetation in an upward motion to form a plant canopy that is uniform and wind resistant.

PELLENC range of clips

PELLENC-manufactured clips ensure the proper functioning of the PELLENC trellising machine. Designed for use with our trellising machine with widths adapted to different types of vines. Each model has different tensile strengths based on the thickness of the canopy or its use (first lifting). The clips are made from photodegradable and food-grade material.

Ultra narrow clip (18mm)

First lift clip (31mm)

Narrow clip (31mm)

Wide clip (57mm)

Trellising recommendations

The trellising machine works with all types of posts except those equipped with a T bar larger than 6 inches. Quality of posts, installation, and tension of lifting wires are essential factors for the proper mechanization of vine lifting and attaching trellis wires.

Choice of lifting wires

Three types of wire are possible: galvanized non-steel, galvanized steel, and nylon. The galvanized steel wires No. 13 and No. 16 (2 mm to 2.7 mm depending on plant growth) produce the best results. Using suitable lifting wires is a requirement for proper mechanized lifting and trellising of the vine.

Preparation for “entry into the rows”

By manually engaging the vegetation between the wires for the first 10-15 feet of the row, it is easier for the wire lifter to enter into the rows and for the wires to be caught automatically (mainly for vineyards with dense vegetation).

Lifting wire tension

Several parameters: length of rows, vigor and density of plant growth, type of wire.

Optimal set-up: the lifting wires touch the ground around 30 to 50 feet from the head post.

In other cases, we recommend you install fastening stirrups and tension chains on the anchoring posts in order to determine in use, the best thread tension, placing the lifting wire tensioners at the end of the rows.

Importance of cultivation techniques

The ease and quality of lifting depends on the grape variety (naturally upright or falling) and the cultivation techniques of the vineyard. We recommend “cordon” or “flat tying” for best results.


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Wire lifter on Optimum Tractor thumbnail

Trimming attachment
CouplingIn-Row Tractor w/Multiviti ArmMultifunction arm
Fast coupling fitting and stay-rods
Stapling mechanism
Electric control of all functions
Height and offset adjustment by hydraulic cylindersPELLENC multifunction arm
Two upper and lower vegetation feeders
Delivered on a pallet stand
Hydraulic requirement (l/min)25 l/min at 180 bars

(6.6 gal/min @ 2610psi)
Wire holding kit