PMH Vinicole Oenopompe

Versatile Liquid Pump from PMH Vinicole, OENOPOMPE

Whether you are barrel filling, racking, transferring, filtering, bottling, or flashing, the OENOPOMPE with its built-in high precision flow-meter and sensors will give you precision filling, wireless control, less spillage and frustration-free pumping activities.

PMH Vinicole, based in France, has been an innovation leader in liquid pumps on the world market, incorporating precision flow meters, wireless remotes, pressure sensors and intuitive touchscreen controls. The OENOPOMPE uses special helical lobe rotor technology that allows continuous, smooth, even surge-free flow. The OENOPOMPE’s pumping mechanism reduces dissolved oxygen by up to 5x during transfers (source).

Combined with the Pellenc SMART GLASS, the OENOPOMPE not only manages precise volumes, but can also stop the pump if a change occurs in the liquid being pumped. For example, when transferring wine from one tank to another, towards the bottom of the tank there may be solid material or yeast cake. The SMART GLASS will detect the change, immediately communicate to the OENOPOMPE and turn off the pump to prevent spoilage.

Integrated Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flow meter designed with an accuracy of 99.7% is perfect for barreling operations, wine assembles, transfers and more

Helical Lobes

Specially designed for the wine-industry they have strong resistance to high temperatures for sterilization while maintaining consistent, even flow.

Pump without Pulses

Uninterupted flow of liquid with no mixing or emulsion thanks to the OENOPOMPE’s helical lobes. Reduces up to 5x the oxygen pickup during transfers.

Wireless Control

With plenty of wireless range, control the pump wherever you may be working. The bi-directional communication displays the pump direction and flow rate on the remote screen.

Smart Display

The built-in touchscreen controler has programs designed for automatic barrel filling and racking, or adjustable regulation by pressure or by temperature. The built in run-dry sensor comes with an adjustable timer.

Control Panel

The self-contained control box houses the computer that can be integrated into your existing automation framework, or simply by using the touchscreen.

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate
OENOPOMPE® 13015 to 130 Hl/h
(6 – 60 gpm)
OENOPOMPE® 25025 to 250 Hl/h
(10 – 110 gpm)
OENOPOMPE® 45030 to 450 Hl/h
(13 – 200 gpm)
OENOPOMPE® 600100 to 600 Hl/h
(45 – 260 gpm)