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The new unique equipment monitoring platform is available for the PELLENC Group’s vineyard and winery machines, making life easier for the user and optimizing the operation of all the equipment.

PELLENC CONNECT also provides users with data about their machines, as well as agronomic and oenological data in real time for greater fluidity and responsiveness. This solution optimizes the organization of operations in the vineyard and the winery and allows the operator to perform the necessary tasks on the machines faster thanks to direct communication via the platform.

PELLENC CONNECT helps users better understand their production and raise their objectives in terms of the final product.

Internet-connected machines

The addition of the OPTIMUM carrier telemetry option enables automatic and secure data feedback from sensors installed on the carrier and the attached tool. The processing of these data on the PELLENC CONNECT CLOUD allows the customer and the distributor to benefit from key information to optimize and streamline the use and monitoring of the machines.

Pellenc Connect - Tractor Status

Fleet monitoring

With the telemetry option on the OPTIMUM, monitor your fleet of equipment in real time thanks to the data collected on the carrier and the coupled tool. View remotely on a tablet, PC, or smartphone:

  • Locations of the various machines
  • Settings of the carrier and the coupled tool
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Fault codes

You can plan ahead for maintenance and servicing to ensure maximum productivity throughout the year, especially during the harvest season. It also makes it easier to stay on top of things during intensive periods by providing real-time access to the machine settings, the monitoring of the work done, and so on. When the job is finished, statistics such as the number of hours of operation, fuel consumption, and work rate can be checked in the dedicated tab on the PELLENC CONNECT platform.

Pellenc Connect - Equipment location and settings

Remote diagnostics

Are you using an Internet-connected optimum carrier?
To ensure fast and efficient customer service, the technicians of our distribution network can remotely access:
  • On-board diagnostic information directly from PELLENC CONNECT
  • History of fault codes on the machine
Equipment ManagementFleet monitoring
Remote diagnostics
Geo-location of machines
Viewing of the settings remotely
Maintenance reminders
Fault code feedback
Viewing of the settings remotely
Machine console screen sharing
Sending of geolocation data by sms

Precision vine-growing

With your OPTIMUM multifunction carrier, optimize the monitoring and management of your vineyard using the agronomic data collected in the plots during work.

OPTIMUM lets you generate:

  • Yield maps during the harvest
  • Plant health maps during pre-pruning

The maps generated make it possible to optimize the potential of the vineyard plots by precisely controlling the following operations: fertilizations, pruning management, irrigation, phytosanitary spraying, replacement of plants, soil analyses, etc.

Yield mapping (PREMIUM weighing option)*

During the harvest, the continuous weighing of the yield harvested in each area of the vineyard makes it possible to obtain a yield map.

With the PREMIUM weighing option, you can also see the quantity of grapes on PELLENC CONNECT:

  • Currently in the bins
  • Harvested in each plot

*Prerequisite: telemetry unit option.

Pellenc Connect - Harvest yield map

Plant health mapping**

The map is generated during pre-pruning via the sensor used on VISIO for the automatic opening at the posts on the TLVP pre-pruner.

It also records the number and diameter of the vine shoots.

**Prerequisite: VISIO on TLVP + telemetry unit option.

Pellenc Connect - Vigor mapping

The PELLENC CONNECT platform strengthens the link between the vineyard and the winery by means of the following services:

  • Information sharing to simplify the management of supply flows (e.g. optimizing the filling of tanks and presses)
  • Remote monitoring of equipment use
  • Remote visualization of the equipment settings in the distribution fleet, as well as diagnostic data
  • Visualization of all process information
  • Maintenance interval reminders
  • Fault alerts
  • History of the use of the equipment and the associated settings in order to carry out a technical and economic analysis all the way “from the vineyard to the tank”

PELLENC CONNECT brings peace of mind to users while optimizing their activity: equipment management and monitoring of operations from the vineyard to the winery.


Services specific to cold production and temperature control:

  • Remote control of the temperature in the tanks
  • Display of information on cold production and distribution

Specific services for pressing:

  • Information on the status of the press and the time remaining
  • History and export of pressing curves for process analysis and optimization

The services provided by our experts to offer valuable advice:

  • Analysis of the pressing curves to optimize the programs according to the desired oenological results.
Pellenc Connect - Winery Equipment
Pellenc Connect - Chart