Chainsaw Telescoping – Selion Evo

The electric polesaw: powerful and lightweight

With a reach of up to 14 ft, the SELION telescopic chainsaw, available in two pole lengths, is ideal for cutting work at heights. Powerful and versatile, it is equally at home in an urban environment, where its low noise impact is appreciated, as it is on farms or in the forest. Thanks to its long battery life, you benefit from its maneuverability and lightness throughout your working day.


  • Oval-shaped tube for an optimal grip on the pole
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Telescopic pole for cutting branches up to a height of 14ft


  • Powerful electric motor for greater efficiency (Brushless PELLENC 1200 W)
  • Saves time with automatic chain tensioning
  • Its light weight facilitates precise, stable cutting
  • Minimum battery life of one working day
  • NEW Cutting software that helps the user better dose the applied force and work with greater precision
  • Narrow gauge Precision Guide for greater precision and cutting quality


  • Can be used both in urban areas (no noise pollution) and in forestry work
  • Adaptable power levels for pruning in green spaces, olive groves, or forests
  • The multi-position head can be oriented -45°/+90°


  • Wear-free, cost-effective motor (consumes up to 30% less chain oil)
  • Uses biodegradable chain oil
  • Low maintenance guarantees a longer service life
  • Cutting head angle orientation system with steel teeth = improved tool longevity
  • Replacement of the carbon pole with aluminum pole = improved impact resistance
  • Replacement of the oil tank cap = improved sealing and easier tightening

“All our workers are kitted out with PELLENC equipment. We have 45 Selion polesaws.”


  • Extend up to 14 ft reach.
  • Tilting head – multi-position – 45°/+ 90°
  • Suitable for use in urban areas (no noise disturbance), green spaces, olive groves, and forests thanks to its adjustable power level

Low Maintenance

  • Cost-effective motor (consumes up to 30% less chain oil)
  • Low maintenance guarantees a longer service life
  • Steel head joint
  • Uses biodegradable chain oil


  • PELLENC 1200 W brushless motor for greater efficiency
  • Enough battery life for at least a full day’s work
  • Time saving with automatic chain tensioning
  • Precise, stable, and facilitates quality pruning with its precision narrow-gauge guide and light weight
  • Cutting software that helps the user better dose the applied force
  • Can be used without a carrying harness

Steel Tilting Mechanism

With its tilting head (+90°/-45°), the pruner can easily be adapted to the working environment.

Tightening Wrench

The folding wrench, which folds back in simply by pressing on it, lets the user tighten the chain and provides quick access to the sprocket and chain. PELLENC patent

Quick connector system

The battery’s quick connection/release system lets you bring up the pruner once you are in position in the tree.

Automatic Chain Tensioning

The chain guide is mounted on a mechanism that tightens the chain automatically. PELLENC patent

Automatic Chain Tensioning

The system adjusts the greasing of the chain according to the required cutting strength. PELLENC patent

Technical characteristics

• Standard equipment
Selion Telescopic
Max. power – W1200
Combustion engine equivalence – cc30
Weight – lbs7.9
Motor speed – rpm5400
Pole length – in86.6 to 118
Chain speed – ft/s33.8
Guide length – cm/inches24 / 9.4″
Oregon chain: pitch, type / number of links¼ ’’ / 1.1 mm / 55E
Sprockets9 x ¼’’ teeth
Tank capacity – oz8.4
Sound pressure level (LPA)* – dB(A)80 (T220/300)
Guaranteed sound power level (Lwa)* – dB(A)94 (T220/300)
Vibration level (ah)** – m/s²0.44 (T220/300)
Tilting head – multi-position +90° / -45°
Telescopic pole
Peristaltic pump
Automatic chain tensioner
Integrated folding wrench
Battery life with the Alpha 520 battery***Up to 4-5 h