Hedge Trimmer – Helion 3

The new generation professional electric hedge trimmer

A real concentrate of power and simplicity, HELION 3 is now THE reference in professional battery-powered hedge trimmers for the maintenance of green spaces. Ultra versatile with its 3 cutter blades in that can be interchanged in 1 minute, it guarantees perfect cutting back and finishing work. Its exceptional cutting capacity allows it to cut sections up to 1.2in diameter in complete safety. It allows you to work in any weather with up to a full day of autonomy. HELION 3 makes pruning and trimming easy!


  • Robust cutting blade: opening of 1.3in, spacing of 1.6in and a height of 0.9 inches.
  • Cutting diameter of 1.2in.
  • Easy 4-Speed selector button


  • Interchangeable hedge trimmer blades.
  • Blade change in 1 minute.
  • IP54 rating allows the user to work even in rainy conditions.
  • Compatible with the full range of batteries.


  • Anti-lock system: Blade rotation reverses to dislodge vegetation.
  • Quick connector system.
  • The ergonomic design of the blade guard provides additional safety for the user.
  • Reinforced handle safety.
Options & Accessories

“Our HELION hedge trimmer offers us great precision and considerable time savings.”

For professional work

  • 1.2in diameter cutting capacity for perfect cutting back and finishing work
  • 4 cutting speeds to adapt the job and vegetation type
  • 3 cutting blades to choose from, interchangeable in 1 minute

Maximum safety

  • Exclusive anti-jamming system for easy release without breakage
  • New ergonomic design of the blade guard to reduce the risk of cuts
  • Double trigger safety start on the rear handle

Uncompromised working comfort

  • Stainless steel anti-kickback guard
  • Quick connection and disconnection of the tool to the battery
  • IP54 waterproof rating to continue working even in the rain


  • 3 interchangeable blades
  • ULiB 250, 750, 1200, 1500 and Alpha 520, 260 battery operation

Anti-Lock System

HELION 3 incorporates an exclusive device that reverses the direction of rotation of the motor if the cutting bar gets stuck in the vegetation.

Ultra-robust cutting blades

The HELION 3 professional electric hedge trimmer has a blade guard, an aluminum stiffener, carbon steel blades and a stainless steel anti-kickback guard.

Speed selector button

The 4 cutting speeds of HELION 3 make it possible to adapt to the type of species to be trimmed/pruned and to better manage the autonomy of the equipment.

Quick Switch

The different sized hedge trimmer blades can be mounted and dismounted in 1 minute.

Ergonomic design

The new ergonomic design of the blade guard provides additional safety for the user against the risk of cuts.

Fast Connector System

HELION 3 allows quick connection and disconnection of the tool to the battery during work sessions to get out of any risky situation fast.

Technical specificiations

• Standard equipment
Max. power – W1200
Weight – lbsw/20in blade = 7.5 lbs
w/25in blade = 7.83 lbs
w/30in blade = 8.0 lbs
Tooth spacing/pitch – in1.3
Tooth height – in0.9
Tooth thickness – in0.09
Blade speeds – s/min3,200 to 3,800
Sound pressure (LpA)** – dB(A) – uncertainty KpA: 1.5 dB (A)80
Guaranteed sound pressure (LWA)** – dB(A) – uncertainty KWA: 2 dB(A)93
Vibration emission values*** at the handle (m/s²) ah = 3.4
Protection rating / sealing IP54