Pruner – Klima Cane Pruner

Precision cane pruning.

The KLIMA cane pruning system, supported by Pellenc America, is operated after an initial pass by skilled pruners. The Klima cane pruner rapidly removes the canes, strips them from the wires and mulches them in a single pass from your in-row tractor or Optimum front arm.

Cost-effective Cane Pruning

  • Operate in vineyards with undulating terrain
  • Operate in vineyards with poor quality wire, mild steel etc
  • Operate with less wire breakages in all condition
  • Suitable for small tractors built for narrow rows
  • Self contained mast – no need for you to purchase a front end loader
  • Small and consistent organic mulch size for speedy breakdown
  • Easy to pick up and drop out wires – you will be an expert in less than a day
  • Enjoy the simple and comfortable joystick controls with adjustments to suit any driver


Tractor Requirements

Strong, robust and fully self contained, KLIMA Generation 2 fits on to the front of a cab tractor or crawler. A minimum of 80Hp and 12 GPM at 2900PSI of hydraulic oil supply is required.

Control system

Simple and intuitive joystick control and display system provides optimum driver comfort and control.

Cutting Head

The unique, patented cutting and feeding system is the reason the KLIMA G2 design is a universal and fully adaptable tool for your vineyard.

Reversible Cutting Head

Head rotates to be used on the left or right side of the tractor.