Sprayer – EOLE 2

On narrow or wide vines, spray 3 to 6 rows at the same time. Carry out spraying with the help of pneumatic and air jet sprayers and take advantage of the Eole 2’s  automated systems.


  • 3 turbines: economic performance.
  • Drift on the ground and in the atmosphere limited through optimal and precise spray positioning.
  • Adjustable diffusers depending on plant growth stage of the vines, without changing the hectare flow rate.
  • Up to 30 % fuel savings.


  • Precise positioning of spray on the plant canopy.
  • Automatic ultrasonic ground tracking (slope correction of up to 30%).
  • The turbines are positioned above the rows to ensure better distribution of the product.
  • Optimum micronisation with pneumatic spraying.
  • Reduced drift with air-blast spray.
  • Powerful blending by hydrojets, provides a homogeneous mix in the tank for all types of products.
  • Pump output of 25.3 gal/min at 20 bars.


  • Extremely easy to use with just one click (automatic opening and closing of the spraying booms).
  • Plantation width setting from the cab’s control panel.
  • Tank level visible from the cab: digital display.


  • Thanks to the rinse circuit, effluents are significantly reduced.
  • Pellenc carriers have wheels that are centred in the rows, thus ensuring the longevity of the vineyards.
  • Drift is limited.
  • Tanks washing is completed with rotary nozzles (optional).
  • Up to 30% fuel consumption.
  • Flow-rate directly proportional to ground-speed so the programmed dosage is respected.
  • Preserves the root system (wheels are centred on the row).

We treat four full rows at once. The ultrasonic ground tracking ensures optimal positioning of the sprayers on sloped and uneven terrain. Since the distance is kept even between the diffuser and the plant canopy, the consistency and quality of the application is very good. We also appreciate Flow-rate Proportional to Forward speed function, which means that the flow rate of the dose per hectare is always respected regardless of the working conditions.

Pneumatic or air-blast

The pneumatic system allows for optimum micronisation. The motor speed control also allows you to save fuel, even in pneumatic mode.
The airblast system allows for limited drift and up to 30 % of diesel saved.

Unfolding and folding in one click

Folding / unfolding control with automatic width row spacing adjustment.
Row by row cut-off on all models, and outer half-rows on 4-row models from the cockpit.

Ground tracking

The spraying boom with ultrasonic sensors follows the slope of the land and corrects the gradient by up to 30 %..

Flow control

Easy to use cruise control. The Flow-rate Proportional to Forward speed function continuously maintains the programmed spraying concentration, regardless of the working conditions. Settings are displayed on the Dickey John unit.


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Eole 3RLEole 4RL
Tank capacity (in l)2 X 1000 (2x 264 gal)2 X 1000 (2x 264 gal)
Rinsing tank capacity (in l)2X 100 (2x 26.4 gal)2X 100 (2x 264 gal)
Number of rows sprayed per pass34
Plantation width (in m)1,75 to 3,60
(5ft 9in / 11ft 10in)
1,75 to 3
(5ft 9in / 9ft 10in)
Types of diffusers available based on the height of the vegetation to be sprayed1.90m, 5 single nozzles1.60m, 4 double diffusers
Types of diffusers available based on the height of the vegetation to be sprayed2.1 m, 6 single nozzles1.90 m 5 double airblast diffusers
Type of diffuser available depending on the height of vegetation to be treated (arrays reserved for the treatment of goblet trained vines)Overhead, 6 arrays, 4 nozzlesOverhead, 8 arrays, 4 nozzles
Solenoid valve spray cut-off (row by row), controlled from the cabin
Outer half-row cut-off
Manual cut-off of each nozzle
Automatic folding
Automatic ground tracking
Tank level indicator with digital display
Flow Rate Proportional to Forward Speed
Tank cleaning with rotating nozzles