Tree Pruning Shears – C45

The pruning revolution

Prune without fear with Pellenc Activ’Security: with or without gloves.


  • Cutting head with excellent, unrivaled powerful penetration into plant growth.
  • 1.8 in cutting diameter.
  • Guaranteed battery life > 1 day.


  • Activ’Security: with or without gloves.
  • IP54 Battery – prune in the rain or sun.


  • Ball screw tested extensively over several seasons.
  • Lightweight: 1.9lbs.
  • Latest generation brushless motor for increased power.


  • Optical trigger for natural control of the half-opening.
  • Servicing interval increased to 400 hours for more cost-effective maintenance.
  • 20% longer battery life for the 150 battery.
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“Joel Sokoloff, vineyard manager at Cayuse Vineyards in Milton-Freewater, Oregon, said that he appreciates Pellenc’s optical sensor on the trigger. To him, it has the potential to prevent an accidental triggering of the blade if the power were left on and unattended. The motor in the Vinion is brushless, providing speed and power, and runs at about 92 percent efficiency. Sokoloff also stated that the Vinion cut fast and seemed as if it were an extension of his hand because of the lighter weight.”

“The Vinion pruning shear is compact. It is easy to grip and very light. The pruning power is excellent, equivalent to that of a Lixion. It is precise and very practical. I appreciate the lightness of the battery. You go into the vineyard, with nothing to carry – it looks like we just have manual pruners. There is no longer the weight of the battery on your back. This is total freedom.”


Activ’Security is a safety feature that instantly stops the blade if it comes into contact with the user’s finger. The Activ’Security safety feature works by means of a natural conductive loop formed by three contact points (in orange).

With double hand contact on the trigger and the lower body, the Activ’Security safety feature is engaged as soon as the user touches a metal part of the cutting head with the other hand.

The use of PELLENC conductive gloves is recommended for optimal safety in very wet or extreme conditions. Two models are available, in six sizes: “Lightweight comfort” and “Waterproof & breathable comfort”. PELLENC PATENT

4 operating modes

1 – Progressive mode with half-opening: works progressively with the blades set to the half-opening position

2 – Progressive mode: works progressively without the half-opening position

3 – Fast on/off with half-opening: rapid repeated cutting with the blades set to the half-opening position

4 – Fast on/off: rapid repeated cutting without the half-opening position


• Standard equipment
Cutting diameter (in.)1.8
Blade opening (in.)2.6
Weight (lbs.)1.9
Sound power level** (LWA) (dB)74
Sound pressure level** (LpA) (dB)63
Power supply voltage (V)*43.2
Motor speed (rpm)23,000
Pruning shears length (in.)11.6
Dimensions of the oval-shaped handle (h*w) (in.)1.6*1.5
Compatible batteries250
• Standard equipment
Weight (lb)3.7
Maximum power – (w)1,730
Average service life- (cycles)1000
Charging time to 100% (h)*7
2.2A fast charging (h)3.5