Pre-Pruner – Disco


Work more cost effectively with the DISCO pre-pruner. Its simplicity allows it to work quickly and efficiently and means that it’s easy to maintain.


  • Working speed up to 3MPH for optimum work, even in dense vegetation.
  • Low hydraulic requirement (6.6 gal/min).
  • Coupling with Multiviti in 3 minutes.
  • No sharpening of discs required.
  • No more removing wood.
  • Precise adjustment of the discs for a clean cut

Its light weight allows us to work quickly in all our blocks. Its small footprint together with the reduced overhang makes it extremely stable on slopes. Maintenance is fast and simple, and it offers excellent visibility. What a comfort! It does its job well, performing quality work regardless of the amount of wood in the row, and without special wear considering the 667.2 acres worked.


  • Good grip of vine shoots and clean cutting with the specially shaped discs.
  • Cutting close to the cordon by precise adjustment of the distance between the two lower discs.
  • Each stack of discs is adjustable in relation to the other for better cutting quality and easier removal of tendrils.


  • Very quiet operation.
  • Electrical control of all functions.
  • Joystick and ergonomic console.
  • The artificial vision system (optional) aids the driver and maximizes work performance.

Lateral cutter bars available as an option

Lateral cutter bars (23.6 in high) take out hanging vine shoots.

This option saves considerable time when pruning.

Automatic detection of posts and cordon tracking by machine vision

Driver working comfort: at night, in the rain, or in the sun.

Quality work without the stress.

Boron steel disc

PELLENC boron steel discs have an extended lifetime and require not sharpening.

3 minutes to change tools

MULTIVITI coupling.


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
TLVPPLD Multiviti
Head withLong armsLong arms
Number of pairs of bevelled discs with 100 mm spacingUp to 115 to 9 pairs
Number of pairs of bevelled discs with 50 mm spacingUp to 2110 to 17 pairs
Pairs of 3.9 in long lateral cutting bars
Pairs of 17.7 in diameter lateral discs
CouplingMultifunction arm on Pellenc carrierMultiviti 20 or 40 frame
Manual speed adjustmentFrom the consoleFrom the console
Electric control of all functions
Height and angle settings controlled by hydraulic cylindersMultifunction armMultiviti frame
Automatic Vision post detection
Automatic cordon tracking with the vision system
Hydraulic tilting, for Lyre vines
Pair of opening wheels
Suspension strap slope/safetyMultiviti frame
Delivered on a pallet stand