Hedge Trimmer – Helion Alpha

The high-powered pole-mounted electric hedge trimmer

The new HELION ALPHA pole-mounted electric hedge trimmer for professionals offers you great power without using a drop of petrol. This efficient tool ensures very high output and can cut through branches of up to 1.3in diameter. Perfect balance and optimum user comfort make it even more productive. When paired with the 520 battery, it is ready to go for up to 6 hours of work, with very little noise and no fumes or emissions. With HELION ALPHA, gas is a thing of the past!

Smart Handle

  • Control switch for selecting the speed and activating the Boost function.
    • Cruise control – Activated by pressing the switch upwards for 0.5 seconds.
    • Boost – Activated by pressing the switch downwards for 0.5 seconds.
  • Rear trigger for progressive and responsive acceleration.
  • Button for rapid access to the options menu.
  • Information at a glance with the on handle screen.


  • Mechanics and hedge trimmer blades designed for large cuts with 1.3 in. tooth opening and 0.9 in. height.


  • Offset hedge trimmer blades for better working position.
  • A well-balanced tool that limits the weight in each hand.


  • The harness lets the user carry the Alpha battery on their backs to power other PELLENC tools.
  • The counterweight can be clipped on in place of the Alpha battery so that another PELLENC battery (e.g. the 1200) can power an Alpha tool.
Options & Accessories

“I was not at all convinced about battery-powered tools, but they delivered what I was looking for: power and cutting speed equivalent to or even better than petrol tools. And I was surprised by the long battery life.”

One tool, two uses

Tough jobs, no problem

The mechanical parts and hedge trimmer blades are designed for large cuts with a tooth opening of 1.3in and a tooth height of .9in


Perfectly balanced center of gravity: increases your efficiency and reduces fatigue.


Battery integrated into the tool or wearable as a backpack with the harness, as you prefer

Hedge Trimmer
Powerful motorRotational speed = 7600 rpm (like the Helion 2 hedge trimmer)
Compatible with the entire battery range: previous and new generationYes
Remaining battery life is displayed on a screen on the tool and on the batteryYes
The cutting head can be folded in to take up less space during transport, and has a motor immobilization safety featureYes
Heavy-duty 20in blade designed for cutting back plant growth (like the Helion 2 hedge-trimmer)Yes
Battery life with the 520 batteryUp to 6 h*
Anti-locking system: user safetyYes
Max. power – W900
Weight (without battery) – lbs8.27
Weight (with the 260 battery) – lbs13.78
Total tool length – in92.5
Cutting rate – cuts/min3 speeds: 3200 / 3500 / 3800
Tooth opening – in1.3
Tine spacing – in1.57
Tooth height – in.9
Tooth thickness – in.09
*Battery life with the 260 battery2-3 h
*Battery life with the 520 battery4-6 h

*Total working time for typical professional use. This time includes the tool stoppages inherent to the job.

Anti-lock system

If the cutter bar gets stuck in the plant growth, a unique system reverses the direction of rotation of the motor. This allows it to be disengaged very easily, avoiding twisting or breaking the cutter bars.


The carbon steel blade provides strength and durability.

Hedge trimmer blades

The handle release optimizes your position and visibility.

Anti-overheating IMS circuit board

Based on LED technologies, the Insulated Metal Substrate circuit board improves heat exchanges, increases electronic capacity, and delivers more power.