Fixion 2 Tying Machine

Attached to your freedom

Drawing on 20 years of experience manufacturing electronic tying machines, our teams have been busy developing a tool designed with the user’s needs in mind. Its built-in battery dispenses with the need for a cable, so vineyard professionals can move around more easily as they work. The ergonomic handle also makes it easier to get a good grip on the tool. This design received an award at the most recent Dionysud Trade Show, which showcases innovations in occupational risk prevention. Lightweight and easy to handle, the PELLENC Fixion 2 tying machine offers time savings of up to 4 times faster compared to tying by hand. And with enough battery life for over a full day of work.

Adaptable, it can be used with the reel mounted on the tool or worn on the belt. The Fixion 2 electric vine-tying machine comes with a full range of PELLENC ties: Standard, Stainless Steel, Bio, and Paper.

Built-in battery

  • Complete free movement
  • Increased speed
  • Lightweight: only 1.75 lb with integrated battery

Unmatched productivity

  • Unmatched productivity : up to 4x faster than manual tying
  • Self-contained battery lasts over a full day’s work


  • Tie material on belt or tool spool.
  • Adjustable tying strength

New design

  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Easy, quick spool replacement.
Gold medal – SITEVI 2011
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  • Work facilitated in the vineyards in pergola

  • More than 1,500 ties per reel

Options & Accessories

“Miguel Garduno, a vineyard manager at Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates & Garden emphasized the importance of training crews, as well as the regular visits from supervisors to assure crews that management cares that things go well in the vineyard. Kendall-Jackson uses Pellenc Fixion 2 and the older A25 grape tying machines, and Garduno noted that crew members take pride in their assigned equipment, which has their names on it. No one wants to show up and not have their unit charged and ready to go because they know they will have to be working in the vineyard with hand devices.”

“The Fixion 2 has proven itself essential to growing better wine, allowing us to increase our precision and efficiency throughout the entire season.”

“The Fixion 2 tying machine is lightweight and very easy to handle. The tool’s on-board reel facilitates tying. There is no more wire snagging on the belt. We can move freely and tie efficiently for an entire day.”

“Joshua Grainer, technical director and one of the owners of RDV Vine- yards in Delaplane, Virginia, commented that he is pleased with the battery performance of the Fixion 2. He noted that if you start the day with the battery charged, you will still have power available when the work day is over.”

One tool, two uses

200m spool on belt

Up to 1500 ties per spool

Small spool on tool

Up to 450 ties per spool

REEL FEATURELarge bandSmall band
Maximum tying diameter – in1 in1 in
Length of the reel – (ft)650200
Ties per tie band – (approximate)1,500450
Battery life: Ties per charging cycleUp to 15,000Up to 15,000

The Pellenc advantages

Each tie is tailored to suit the environmental conditions of the vine, the weight of the plant being tied and the time frame.

Standard tie

  • Breaks down after 10 to 12 months of use according to climatic conditions, load, and quality of the trellising wire.
  • .44 mm steel wire
  • Average tie strength = 31 lb*

Belt spools – Ref.: 3057047
Tool spools – Ref.: 3057203

Stainless steel tie

  • Slow disintegration. Use for cordon system vines and the installation of irrigation pipes.
  • .44 mm stainless steel wire
  • Average tie strength = 31 lb*

Belt spool – Ref.: 3057053
Tool spool – Ref.: 3057228

Paper tie

  • Breaks down after 6 to 9 months depending on use. The paper retains moisture, which is conducive to breakdown of the tie.
  • .44 mm steel wire
  • Average tie strength = 31 lb*

Belt spool – Ref.: 3057049
Tool spool – Ref.: 3057204

Bio tie

  • Breaks down after after 7 to 10 months.
    Envelope composed of paper + corn starch-derived PLA (polylactic acid)
  • .44 mm steel wire
  • Average tie strength = 31 lb*

Belt spool – Ref.: 3057273
Tool spool – Ref.: 3057274

3x faster than manual tying*

The Fixion 2’s productivity significantly reduces labor costs, making it a very cost-effective product.

(twisting pliers)
(staple clips)
Time / acre – hr5.643.22.11.9
Labor cost / acre – $499356285182182
# of ties5,0005,0005,0005,0005,000
Cost of ties – $
Cost / acre – $16.4228.7368.4427.4027.40
Total / acre – $515.31385.11353.60209.14209.14

Technical characteristics

• Standard equipment
Weight of tying machine alone1.75 lbs w/integrated battery
Noise level (LpA)* – dB(A))≤ 70
Guaranteed sound level (LWA)* – dB(A)≤ 81
Vibration level (Ah)** – m/s²≤ 2,5
Compatibility of PELLENC ties

* Values ​​of acoustic measures according to the Directive EN 60745-1: 2009 + A11: 2010 – uncertainty according to ISO4871 = 3dB
** Vibration emission values according to EN60745-1: 2009 + A11: 2010 – uncertainty = 1.5m/s²
*** For information: the times were observed in actual working time, without taking breaks into consideration. Battery life is influenced by the nature of the work.