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Many gardeners who have been used to working with gas tools were initially skeptical about the battery solutions, with preconceived ideas on power, runtime or work in the rain. Users asked at that time about the main reasons why they decided to buy rechargeable devices said it was “because of complaints from residents about the noise.” The health factor plays a role, too. Often, users are no longer willing to breathe in the exhaust fumes from combustion engines 15 inches from their noses. Quieter, battery-powered tools also allow users to work earlier in the day than their gas counterparts. Today, all manufacturers present calculations on how economical accumulator devices are compared to 2-stroke—even those who have their core business with combustion engines.

In the professional sector, two basic systems have prevailed:  one with an integrated battery in the tool and one with a separate battery on the back. Both have their justifications and advantages in different fields of application. Plug-in systems are designed for shorter operating times, less setup time and lower performance. Backpack systems are designed for long runtimes and intensive power-demanding work. But even within this backpack solution, there are major differences that can be difficult to recognize at first glance…

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