Vine Pruning Shears – C35

The fastest, most powerful, and safest electric pruning shears for vineyard work

This latest generation of pruning shears is a convergence of cutting-edge technologies, making vineyard pruning faster and more efficient than ever before.


  • The cutting head slices through vines effortlessly
  • Cutting diameter of 1.4in
  • The latest-generation brushless geared motor
  • Four-user operating modes

Pellenc Motor

  • Latest generation brushless motor for increased power. NEW
  • Very high-efficiency motor: 93%.
  • Pellenc Motor Management – Powerful and perfectly controlled cutting—even at very low speeds—for unrivaled precision.


  • The user is protected by the patented Activ’Security safety feature, with or without PELLENC gloves
  • ULiB 150 IP54 batteries – The IP54 protection rating against dust and water ingress allows the user to work even in rainy conditions.


  • The body, ball screws, and nuts are all made from high-strength materials
  • The frequency of routine maintenance servicing has been stretched out to once every 400 hours of use
  • Guaranteed battery life of more than 1 day

Powerful and light, they can easily be adapted to the diameter and hardness of the wood thanks to the  35 mm/1.4in diameter cutting head. Safety as a priority: the new PELLENC-patented Activ’Security safety feature stops the blade instantly if it comes into contact with the user’s hand, whether they are wearing a PELLENC glove or not. Connected to the ULiB 150, these pruning shears will keep going for at least one full day of work in the vineyard.

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The C35 pruner is great because it fits in the hand well, it is thin and powerful and very agile to move around when pruning.

4 operating modes

1 – Progressive mode with half-opening: works progressively with the blades set to the half-opening position

2 – Progressive mode: works progressively without the half-opening position

3 – Fast on/off with half-opening: rapid repeated cutting with the blades set to the half-opening position

4 – Fast on/off: rapid repeated cutting without the half-opening position

Safety Mechanism

With the user touching the tool at two points on the trigger and the lower body with one hand, the Activ’Security feature stops the blades instantly if the other hand touches a metal part of the cutting head.

Comfort and Vegetation Gloves

To ensure the optimal efficiency of the Activ’Security system, PELLENC has developed a range of gloves specially for extreme conditions.

There are two models to choose from, available in six different sizes:

-The “Comfort” model for excellent dexterity in pruning work

-The “Vegetation” model for rougher work; thicker with a waterproof and breathable layer, ideal for tugging on branches

Ergonomic: Our gloves can be turned inside out and worn on either hand.

Cost effective: We sell our gloves one by one, so when you wear one out you can buy a single glove to replace it!”

Optical Trigger

It allows for instinctive management of the opening of the cutting head.

Precision control of the blade opening for fast, accurate pruning.


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Weight of the shears1.6 lbs
Blade opening 2.2 in
Cutting diameter1.4 in
Sound power level** (LWA) (dB)74
Sound power level** (LWA) (dB)63
Power supply voltage (V)*43.2
Motor speed (rpm)23,000
Pruning shears length (in.)10.4 in
Dimensions of the oval-shaped handle (h*w) (in.)10.4 in
Compatible batteries150

*Triaxial vector sum, determined in accordance with EN 62841-1. **Uncertainty of K=3·dB.

• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Battery: 150
Weight (lbs.)1.9
Max. power (W)865
Average service life (cycles)800
Charging time to 100% (h)*9
1A fast charging (h)4.5

* depending on storage conditions/charge/use