New KLIMA on Optimum front arm!

Cane-pruning now possible with the latest version of the KLIMA front-arm mounted option! Improved visibility for operator allows for quicker wire pulls, and rapid adjustments on the fly. The KLIMA cane pruning system, supported by Pellenc America, is operated after an initial pass by skilled pruners. The KLIMA cane pruner rapidly removes the canes, strips them from the wires and mulches them in a single pass from your in-row tractor or Optimum multifunction front arm.

The KLIMA cane-pruning system is compatible with various wire-clips designed for quick release. Planning your vineyard for mechanization is critical in the vineyard industry. With advancements in mechanization by Pellenc, mechanical grape harvesters, advanced front-arm tools, Pellenc Connect, and the multifunction universe, it’s important to maximize efficiency and . Whether you are planting a new vineyard or retrofitting an existing block, give one our multifunction experts a call today!

Learn more about the KLIMA precision cane-pruner on our website.