New Pellenc Under-Vine-Cultivator!

The Under-the-Vine cultivator and optional rotary tillers come equipped with (2) electro-hydraulic weeders and a self-contained hydraulic power pack and are effective in many types of soil conditions. The unit comes with a control panel for installation in the tractor cab for easy control of the tool. This weeder is designed to work around young vines, even with a very small size (from 1/2in diameter). Weeder blades are controlled by an adjustable sensing rod. The UVC works two 1/2 rows per pass at speeds up to 5 mph providing good efficiency. The Under-Vine-Cultivator is available in a few sizes that are adaptable to fit your vineyard row width.

The UVC conveniently hitches to your in-row tractors 3-point hitch for quick connection. With some simple adjustments and quick setup, the under-the-vine cultivator contours to your vineyard terrain and cultivates to the depth you require. Save time, labor, and money by mechanizing your vineyard cultivation today!

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