Pellenc is known for its industry-leading innovation in the wine and vineyard industries and the new Extractiv’ 2 is another excellent example of Pellenc’s continuous trendsetting. Pellenc America first introduced the Extractiv’ 1 crusher to the US in 2013, and has just released its successor, the Extractiv’ 2.

What makes the Extractiv’ 2 crusher unique is it’s crushing wheel style of splitting berries skin. The berries enter the top of the machine where the crushing wheel accelerates the berries uniformly at a predetermined intensity, where the berries then collide with the conical shaped outer walls of the machine. This constant velocity approach allows for the superior crushing method that splits berries based on the berry maturity. Traditional roller-style crushers force berries through a narrow opening.

The Extractiv’ positively affects color stabilization by maintaining derived pigments resistant to SO2 discoloration, as tested by an independent third party. In the same analysis, using the Extractiv’ over traditional style crusher also yielded a higher Total Polyphenol Index (TPI) in bottled wines over the course of a few months.

The science behind the crushing method of the Extractiv’ 2 is easy to see to the naked eye. You’ll see large mature berries being split equally to smaller mature berries, instead of the traditional “forcing” of large berries through a narrow slot that inevitably leads to the seeds exploding out of the skins.

Another great feature of the new Pellenc Extractiv’ 2 is it’s built-in speed controller. With this system, the speed of the crusher blade is maintained regardless of the throughput as the power required is automatically managed to maintain the desired crushing/velocity. This brings even more meaning to the “set it & forget it” methodology giving you more time to focus on other tasks during your harvest day. 

Cleaning the Extractiv’ 2 is a breeze. The top portion of the unit is unlatched with a simple hand knob. The top hood then pivots easily on a hinge and stays locked upright so you can access the crusher fan area to clean and sanitize. 

The Extractiv’ 2 is designed to be integrated in various ways on your existing crushpad. The Extractiv’ 2 has the option to be mounted on its own adjustable frame with built-in casters, mounted underneath your Selectiv’ Process Winery either by a sliding frame or pivoting frame.

Contact your local dealer, or Pellenc America directly for more information or to set up a demonstration at your facility!