Optical Sorting – Vision 2

Perfect sorting for exceptional quality wines!

As part of the complete sorting line, the Pellenc Vision 2 Optical sorter sorts berry-by-berry and removes unwanted elements: MOG, green waste, foreign bodies, raisins, and under-ripe or unhealthy berries by using a simple intuitive touchscreen interface.

  • Distribution belt and berry accelerator

  • Perfect quality


  • Constant and complete sorting.
  • Protection of the berries.
  • Real-time selection of harvest sorting level depending on the desired quality.


  • 2000 items sorted per second, up to 12 metric tons per hour.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Immediately operational, no calibration required before start-up.


  • Significant reduction in labor costs.
  • Best quality/price ratio on the market.
  • Optimizes the quality of your wines.


  • Simple real-time adjustment of the settings:
    ergonomic touchscreen interface.
  • Quick and easy cleaning (15 minutes) with the built-in pre-cleaning system.
  • The sorting chain can be managed by a single person.
  • Easy to move between wineries.

Using the Selectiv’ Process Vision 2 has allowed us to come close to perfection. Sorting is very precise. My biggest surprise was the ease of use and especially the speed of work. Cleaning is fairly simple and is facilitated by the machine’s latest innovations. This is a very effective tool for improving the quality of the harvest. It allows you to get a significant amount of work done without having to use too many workers.

Outstanding harvest quality!

Harvest sorted and waste eliminated.

Complexity and aromatic intensityHerbaceous character
Volume on the palateBitterness
Suppleness of the tanninsAstringency
More pure winesDryness

Perfect sorting that has a direct, positive effect on the quality of the wine.


Draining, distribution across the belt, elimination of small waste: optimized sorting (vibrating table).

Conveyor system

High accuracy by aligning objects in front of the nozzles to improve sorting accuracy (blue conveyor with grooves).


The camera continuously films the harvest of the conveyor.
The PELLENC sorting software analyses the images depending on the level of sorting selected (vision block).


The nozzles eject unwanted items of the harvest (green waste, berries that are unripe or in poor health, dried grapes, etc.) via the bar of compressed air nozzles.

Easy cleaning

All fruit contact areas can be quickly removed for access during cleaning.


Simple, intuitive, icon-based user interface.


• Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment ─ Not available
Selectiv’ Process Vision 2Vibrating table
Length (in mm)2740 (108in)1670 (66in)
Width (in mm)1875 (74in)1540 (61in)
Difference in height between entry and exit (in mm)345 (13.5in)
Height of grape outlet (min-max) (mm)780 – 1200
(30.7in – 42.25in)
(43.7in – 61in)
Weight of machine (without options) in kg820 (1807 lbs)255 (496 lbs)
Conveyor speed (m/s)2.4 (5.37mph)
Electrical power supply16A 3P +N+ T in 400 V 3-phase16A 3P + T in 400 V 3-phase
Rated power (kW)4.50.6
Manufactured fromStainless steel 304 LStainless steel 304 L
Performance (depending on grape variety, ripeness, health, water stress and required sorting quality)up to 12 t/hup to 12 t/h
Pneumatic fermentation vat (90 L) + air treatment
In place pre-cleaning
Waste collection bin with evacuation screw
4 adjustable feet with wheels
Control of peripheral systems (conveyors, SP Winery, etc.)