With the recent passing of California Air Resource Board (CARB) measure to restrict new sales of landscaping equipment tools to be zero-emission tools, PELLENC is over 10 years ahead with a full range of battery powered tools for the professional landscaper. We’ve spent over a decade designing and refining ULiB battery packs, comprehensively testing with professional users worldwide and sharing the same core values as CARB to innovate towards a zero-emission future. In the report, it’s noted “a commercial operator using one backpack leaf blower for one hour generates the same smog-forming emissions as a car driving 1100 miles.  These regulations will reduce emissions of smog-forming emissions by 72 tons per day.” Time to checkout the Pellenc Backpack Blower and the 1500 battery pack!

Designed for professional use, day after day, Pellenc Battery Powered tools are the commercial users “go to” brand when industry experience, reliability and durability matter. New to the US market, but known worldwide for over a decade in the battery powered tools sector, PELLENC America is supplying the tools and support for zero-emission solutions for the US market in 2022. Whether you are a landscape contractor looking to convert to an all-electric fleet, or a government maintenance crew looking to stay compliant with new regulations, PELLENC has the battery powered tools system with a reputable history.

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PELLENC designs and manufactures durable, robust tools, motors, and batteries for professional use. By doing so we are fighting against planned obsolescence. For example, our Airion 3 blower is equipped with magnesium parts and an easily replaceable fan. For over 10 years, many cities concerned about the environment have placed their trust in us.

As a pioneer in the battery power tools industry, our experience has ensured long service life. With these and the many systems in place that are tailor-made to our customers, PELLENC power tools are a great investment that pays back quickly while keeping sustainability at the core – even more so with the new battery-powered tools available in the USA.