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Management – administration

Company support trades

Management professions that rely on tools and materials with the aim to manage, administrate and develop resources, whether they be human, technical or financial. All this is done within a legal and regulatory framework. Communication ensures the link between the different company stakeholders while listening to and sharing messages/information with their external environment.

These functions require great rigour and include the management and analysis of accounting and financial data that provide the decision making aids for the development and implementation of the company strategy.

Human Resources
Employees in HR department analyse and anticipate human resource needs, manage skills, recruit new employees and help grow the careers of current employees. They ensure administrative management of contracts and payroll.
They must also be able to motivate, drive the corporate culture, and ensure labour relations on a daily basis, while communicating with internal and external representatives. As such, they must have expertise in the legal framework of their activity.

At the core of the business and attuned to feedback from external and internal sources, this job requires the ability to determine the appropriate communication campaigns for a target audience. Implement them using the relevant tools and measure their effectiveness. This position requires group management skills, the mastery of communication skills, the ability to listen and observe the practices in the field (benchmarking).

Information Systems
Jobs in this area require logical thinking and the ability to analyse and organise systems. Technology intelligence (hardware & software) is essential. Project management skills are necessary for the proper implementation of the solutions adopted by accompanying players during use thanks to your interpersonal skills and your “service” spirit.

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  Pionneering Innovation, daring, challenge

  Excellence Performance, quality, client satisfaction,

  Leadership Solidarity, accountability

  Loyalty Commitment, Solidarity, Respect

  Equilibrium Sharing, Diversity, Trust

  Novelty Creativity, autonomy, self-transcendence,

Courage Action, perseverance

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