Pellenc Vision 2 stands above. An optical sorter designed for sorting wine grapes should be able to sort 1) by size, 2) shape, and 3) color. Essentially all optical sorters are capable to some degree of sorting by these 3 parameters. However, when considering to purchase an optical sorter for your crushpad, it is important to consider the differences between them that will affect your processing quality such as: 1) accuracy, 2) throughput, 3) raisin detection, 4) ease of use, and 5) availability of parts/service. 

An often overlooked aspect of optical sorting is the accuracy of its allowed grapes vs its rejection percentage and MOG (Matter Other than Grapes). A multi-purpose optical sorter won’t have the same approach as machines specifically designed for your grapes. The consequence of optical sorting inaccuracy is excessive amounts of good grapes going in the rejection bin (a.k.a. $). All optical sorters inherently will have some good grapes in the waste bin, often called “casualties”. Casualties in optical sorting are good grapes that were in close proximity to an item the sorter needed to reject (determined by quality level set by the user). The Pellenc Vision 2 is the most accurate optical sorter on the market with a very low casualty rate. Accuracy is a function of categorizing items in software and being able to accurately reject an item. The Pellenc Vision 2 was designed solely for the purpose of optical sorting wine grapes and uses its own proprietary, industry-proven algorithms to accurately categorize berries, MOG and raisins. The Vision 2 uses a unique ridged belt that carries MOG and grapes under the camera before becoming perfectly aligned with one of it’s 96 air blast nozzles. The density of available rejection nozzles, combined with perfectly aligned grapes passing underneath it allows the Vision 2 to be the most accurate optical sorter on the market.

Using an optical sorter shouldn’t extend your harvest day. Optical sorters range in speeds from ½ ton per hour (8 items/sec) all the way up to the Pellenc Vision 2 at up to 12 tons* per hour (2000 items/sec, *depending on grape quality). The Vision 2 combined with it’s compact vibrating table and operates a transfer belt at 2.4m/s (7.9 ft/s) to help disperse the grapes evenly for an accurate optical sort. Cutting processing time down on crush day rapidly reduces labor costs and reduces the time your grapes sit outside of the tank (reducing chance of oxidation).

One of the most important functions of an optical sorter is its ability to detect raisins. The Vision 2 uses its proprietary optical software to qualify whether a grape is round and juicy, or dehydrated and is a raisin. Or keep raisins, by simply unchecking the raisin detection box! A Vision 2 customer stated on national television in 2017 that the Vision 2 optical sorter allowed them to save their harvest after unexpected heat waves. Even with the heat waves and rapid dehydration, they were still able to produce quality wines because of the Vision 2’s superior raisin detection.

Ease of use is another important factor to consider. You don’t have to become a programmer or understand arbitrary numbers to use the Pellenc Vision 2! The intuitive icon-based touchscreen does all the work for you. There are no calibration steps needed when using the Pellenc Vision 2 as it was designed to be used on your high-quality destemmed whole berries. Winemakers see the results in real-time when adjusting1) quality levels, 2) fine tuning slider, 3) size, 4) color, 5) raisins and 6) split berry rejection modes. Many times when winemakers are introduced to the touchscreen they find that after a short 5-10 minute introduction, they become the teacher for others with confidence. It’s really that simple to understand and sets itself apart from other optical sorting interfaces.

Backed by Pellenc America’s extensive parts inventory in Santa Rosa, CA and Paso Robles, CA, along with a nationwide dealer network with authorized service technicians, Vision 2 owners continue processing without having to wait days for support or parts. Isn’t it time you see the Pellenc advantages and bring your wine grape processing to the next level?

Contact Pellenc America or your local dealer for more information about how the Pellenc Vision 2 can save you time, money and improve your optical sorted fruit.

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