Ultra Lithium Batteries (ULiB)

PELLENC is the world’s first manufacturer to have introduced lithium ion technology in battery power tools. PELLENC has developed its own technology for the best power-weight-battery life ratio suitable for intensive professional work. ULiB batteries come in various capacities tailored towards your specific needs.


  • Minimal daily cost.
  • Costs almost nothing to recharge.
  • Saves 800 gallons of gasoline and 16 gallons of (chainsaw) oil over its service life.


  • The comfortable carrying harness distributes the weight of the battery.
  • Breathable mesh fabric.
  • Velcro attachment for running the cord.
  • Instant start-up in cold or hot environment.


  • Constant power up to the end of the discharge cycle.
  • Battery-level indicator.
  • Multifunction battery.


  • Up to 1,300 full recharges possible.
  • Intelligent management that automatically optimizes the charge during periods of inactivity.

As a user of many PELLENC tools (LIXION, TREELION, SELION pole and SELION M12), I appreciate the quality of the PELLENC ULiB batteries every day. To me, their first and most important advantage is their long battery life. It guarantees me at least one full day of intensive work without having to recharge. The first PELLENC batteries purchased in 2005 with my electric pruning shears are still fully functional, with no maintenance, and despite 600 hours of work annually. With the ULiB 200 (pruning shears) or ULiB 700, I like the comfortable ventilated carrying harness that lets me forget about the battery while I’m working. The battery display is very accurate, I don’t recharge the battery unnecessarily for the next day if the remaining capacity is sufficient.

The Best Power to Weight Ratio

For example, the Ultra Lithium Battery 150 develops nearly 150 Wh with only 1.248 lbs of lithium ion elements. PELLENC is the only manufacturer in the world to use the revolutionary ternary lithium ion battery technology (nickel-manganese-cobalt). Its light weight means the vine grower can work with it for a full day.

To generate the same amount of energy, a nickel cadmium (Ni Cd) battery would weigh 6.4 lbs, a nickel metal hydride battery (NiMH) would weigh 4.63 lbs, a lithium iron phosphate battery (used in electric vehicles) would weigh 3 lbs, and a lithium ion manganese battery (used in consumer-market battery power tools) would weight 2.76 lbs.

ULiB 1500

The ULiB 1500 battery was designed to meet the demands of professionals in terms of performance, comfort and operating life. In partnership with gardening professionals, PELLENC has designed the 1500 battery to ensure performance, user comfort and battery life which revolutionizes the gardening business.

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Reversible, it allows to connect a tool by the top or the bottom.

Prizes and awards

Winner of the vehicles/Maintenance category : SMCL (Exhibition for French Mayors and Local Authorities) – 2017
Winner of the “Sustainable Development” category : PAYSALIA – 2017
Gold SETT – SETT 2017

Use with this PELLENC tool


1500 Battery

Easy Clip system – The battery is quickly and easily attached with one hand.

Natural Ventilation – Sealed ventilation system gives battery cells maximum efficiency.

Reversible battery – Tools can easily be connected at the top or bottom.

1. Pocket Batteries

Its light weight and amazing battery life lets you work all day with unmatched comfort.


Ensures the safety of your battery and prevents overload and discharge.


Guarantees balanced charging of each component.


Ensures optimum lifespan through individual protection of each component.


Recognition device that delivers the optimal capacity required for each PELLENC tool.

150 Battery

1. Lithium ion battery
2. Battery display ON/OFF and settings buttons
3. Adjustable belt
4. Cord clip
5. Holster

Use with this PELLENC tool

Vinion 150


The PELLENC 250 Multifunction battery allows you to use two PELLENC tools at once.

250 Battery

  1. Integrated handle
  2. Chest strap for lateral carrying of the battery
  3. Air circulation at the back
  4. Cord loops
  5. Lithium ion battery
  6. Remaining battery and mode settings display
  7. Adjustable belt
  8. Holster

Use with these PELLENC tools

Prunion / Prunion Pole




The PELLENC Multifunction batteries come in a wide array capacities for your most demanding power requirements.

Use with these PELLENC tools



700 Battery

  1. Chest strap for ideal distribution of the battery weight
  2. Two-layer support system to let air circulate between your back and the battery
  3. Adjustable belt
  4. Lithium ion battery
  5. Battery display
  6. Electronic control card for charging and discharging

Long-lasting battery

ULiB batteries let you work from a half to a full day. The power delivered is always constant regardless of the level of energy. All PELLENC batteries have a display showing the remaining battery life in percentage.

PELLENC electronically controlled lithium ion battery

Control of the lithium ion battery cells is fully monitored by the electronic board. The battery  temperature is monitored during charging and discharging. If it is too low or too high, the battery automatically switches to safety mode.

Technical characteristics

• Standard equipment
Weight (without harness) – lb1.863.710.816.5
Voltages – V43.
Capacity – Ah3.455.817.435
Energy Stored – Wh1502507521527
Average service life – cycles8001000800 to 1,200Over 1,300
Charging time to 100% – hr96812
Compatible US ProductsVinion (up to 9hrs)Prunion (up to 12hrs)
Prunion Pole (up to 12hrs)
Cultivion (up to 2.5hrs)
Olivion (up to 2.5hrs)
Cultivion (up to
a day)
Olivion (up to a day)
Airion (up to a day)